Friday, December 31, 2010

MellowB1rd and Poltergeists

MellowB1rd is a gentleman living in Pembroke, UK. He is 34 years old, works for Trant Construction, owns his own house and is now living with a poltergeist.

He had been living in the house for just over 25 years and has no prior poltergeist experience before now. It appears to have all started sometime in mid to late June of 2009. In his first video, dated July 9, 2009 he states that he has been experiencing poltergeist activity for a few weeks. Since the activity began he has been capturing it on video as best he can. For the most part the activity happens when he is away from the home, or in another room. Sometimes it will happen directly behind him, and even rarely it would happen in front of him. As to why the activity started is still unclear. He said he once did an Ouija board session ten years ago but nothing came of it. As of recently, the activity appears to be random as to why it started. He did mention that there was a huge storm at the time it began, and wonders if it was related. It is also possible that it followed him home when he visited a Haunted location.

It is amateur video, so anything that may be there in addition to the poltergeist activity (i.e. EVPs, orbs, etc.) will have to be found on your own. He is adamant about not having a Paranormal Investigation done, and his reasons make sense to me. I mean, as I have said before, most investigators are self-serving. To invite them in, would be for them to say, “Yup, you have a poltergeists,” which he already knows he has. On the other side, to have a unbiased third party come in to validate the poltergeist would provide more credibility to his videos for the skeptics.

My first impression is that he is living with an evil sprit, possibly as many as three. What intrigues me about the activity is the speed. I think to myself, if this was one spirit, it moves pretty darn fast to interact multiple objects, on opposite sides of the room (sometimes even in a different room altogether), almost simultaneously. If the spirit doesn’t move fast knocking and tossing things around as I would imagine a human doing, then perhaps it moves items telekinetically. That it isn’t so much as a physical interaction with the object, but can send out bursts of energy to move objects. My third thought is that there is more than one and they are all thrashing about.

I begin to wonder why the evil spirit would be doing what it is doing. My first thought is that it is trying to get MellowB1rds attention and to try to communicate. I guess anything is possible, but this seems unlikely. Another thought is that the evil spirit is an angry one, and constantly lashes out physically to release that anger. I would then have to infer that the anger isn’t directed specifically at MellowB1rd as this kind of activity would have manifested itself a long time ago otherwise, assuming the spirit has been there longer than when the activity started. This goes on to the possibility that even if MellowB1rd moved out, then activity would continue, despite anyone living in the home. My last thought is that it is trying to frighten MellowB1rd enough that he moves out, or wears done his sanity to the point of breaking. My guess is that what ever its intentions that it isn’t for Mellowb1rds benefit.

What can we pick out from these videos concerning poltergeist? Personally, I believe that the spirit is intelligent to the point of understanding MellowB1rd and toying with him. It likes to do things in secrete, or at least when no one is around or watching (video cameras don’t count). It can throw objects, not just move them. In one bathroom video it had the power to light a candle, either with intense heat or some other means, so it can start fires. It can either turn on or power electronic equipment as seen in the flashing on and off of lamps, or the electric toothbrush turning and vibrating off the sink. Another interesting thing to note is the suddenness of it all. It almost seems that in a 24 hour period, that there maybe a minute or two of an out poor of activity, then it ceases as suddenly as it started. Then there will be just a void of nothing. Is this the result of accumulated energy that is unleashed then drained?

One thing that seems apparent in his videos is that his fear is evaporating. There seems to be an underlying realization that it cannot or won’t hurt him physically, and it has become more annoying and sometimes fascinating for him.

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